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About Faith and Freedom Network

The Faith and Freedom family of organizations brings people of faith and conservatives into the marketplace of ideas, policy and activism. 

America was founded upon Judeo-Christian values and principles and on those values and principles has become the most prosperous and free country in history. 

The Faith and Freedom family of organizations is made up of three, related, but independent parts; Faith and Freedom Network, Faith and Freedom PAC and Faith and Freedom Foundation

Faith and Freedom Network is a 501(c) 4 organization that focuses on lobbying and advocating for policies that support Judeo-Christian values and principles. 

Faith and Freedom Political Action Committee is a Washington State political PAC that mobilizes people to help elect candidates that reflect our values. 

Both of these organizations are funded by non-tax deductible donations. 

Faith and Freedom Foundation is the educational part of the family of the related, but independent organizations. The Foundation is active in educating the public regarding America's Judeo-Christian heritage, the rights and responsibilities of citizens and churches in influencing our culture and helping to define and explain current issues through blogs, commentaries, public lectures and other educational materials. 

Faith and Freedom Foundation conducts youth events through our "Change Your Culture" program. This program includes youth leadership retreats focusing on creating a Biblical worldview, assisting youth in meaningful career choices that will make a difference in our culture and Christian concerts. 

All Faith and Freedom Foundation activities are funded by tax-deductible donations

Each are separate organizations.