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founding fathers

Faith and Freedom Foundation Library!

Faith and Freedom Educational Foundation has created a Library that will house an ever-increasing inventory of textual copies of the founding documents so important in America's history and heritage. Among the library holdings is a special section entitled, "Faith" which houses some of the most important documents related to the Faith of our Founding Fathers.

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Articles of Confederation (1777)
U.S. Constitution (1787)
Bill of Rights (1791)
Emancipation Proclamation (1863)
Pledge of Allegiance (1954)
Presidential Biographies
Founding Father Resources

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  Documents of Freedom

17th Century
18th Century
19th Century
20th Century
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  Documents of Faith

  Documents of Freedom

Primary sources bring life and relevancy to the past. From the struggles of the earliest colonists to eke out a living and devise a method for self-government, to the United States' present status as the world's only superpower, Americans have blazed an extraordinary trail. As America's narrative unfolds in documents from the people who witnessed it, the basic principles of liberty, freedom and equality continue to serve as the nation's basic goals.

  Documents of Faith

President Woodrow Wilson said, "A Nation which does not remember what it was yesterday, does not know what it is today, nor what it is trying to do." As our American history is in a state of revision, we believe it is important to remind ourselves of our Christian heritage. By reviewing and reading primary source documents; letters and journals of our Founding Fathers and Patriots, a glimpse through time will afford us an opportunity to look back on what we were yesterday and what we hope to accomplish today.